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  • Title Trakk.com Interview. (added 06/23/2008)

    An interview by C.J. Darlington which includes
    • How Brian Shoop got into acting
    • Some Challenges we faced during making the movie
    • Memorable on-the-set moments
    • and more
    Title Trakk.com's Interview with Brian Shoop
  • Treasure Bind now has a 4 Dove rating. (05/06/2008)

    The Dove Foundation has given us a good review and their "dove" seal of approval. You can read their review, by visiting the movie Review section and on the left side of the page, type "Treasure Blind" into the search box Or visit the review page directly WARNING: Spoiler alert! (they give away part of the ending)
  • Barebones Film Festival

    ( Muskogee, OK )
    • Barebones Film Festival (click for more info)
    • April 17 - April 27
    • Treasure Blind showing on Thursday, April 24th at 8 PM
    • the Roxy Theater
    • Treasure Blind nominated for:
      • Best Drama
      • Best Oklahoma Soil Movie
      • Best Family Picture
      • Brian Shoop nominated for Best Actor in a Feature

  • Other Festivals Showing Treasure Blind:

    • New Strand Film Festival ( West Liberty, IA )
    • May 2nd - May 4th
    • awards - This just in... (04.21.08 @ 12:48pm)
      • Treasure Blind has been awared "Best Screenplay" at the New Strand Film Festival in Iowa.
      • Daniel Brookshire was awarded "Break Through Performance" at that festival.

    • Staten Island Film Festival ( New York, NY )
    • June 16 - June 24
    • Action On Film Festival ( Pasadena, CA )
    • July 25 - July 31

  • Treasure blind at the IMDb
    Read more at the Internet Movie Database.

  • Listed under "Spotlight" section of ChristianAnswers.com (04/03/08)
    Check it out while it's still on their site at: http://christiananswers.net/spotlight/news/
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  • Listed under "New on Video" section of ChristianityToday.com (3/11/08)

    Check it out while it's still on their site at: www.christianitytoday.com/movies/features/newonvideo.html
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  • Updated Trailer (2/22/08)

    Check it out in the Media Section

    This month's Tulsa People has an article on "Treasure Blind" under "Worth Seeing."
    Tulsa People (January 2008)
  • 1-17-2008 - Sad News from the Director of Treasure Blind -

    My friend, my fellow actor, my brother, Bill Thomas, went home to heaven today. All of us in the cast of Treasure Blind are very saddened by the news, but celebrate with him that he is out of pain, and never has to worry about another audition. He will be missed by all of us who knew him, worked with him, and loved him. Please uphold his dear wife Wanda with your prayers during this time, that the Lord Jesus, her maker and redeemer, would comfort her as only he can. And make sure that you have a reservation in heaven made possible through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Then, in case you never met Bill, I can introduce you up there - one day sooner than you think. You'll like him. We all do.

    Looking forward to that day,
    Brian Shoop

    John 11:12 "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name:"
  • Treasure Blind World Premier

    The World Premier of Treasure Blind took over the Riverwalk Theater on Monday, October 8th in Tulsa. Nearly 1,300 guests jammed into those comfy new seats with their popcorn and drinks and watched the result of all their prayers and labors. Here's a few comments so far:

    • "I simply loved the film"
    • "In a word, it was amazing"
    • "a sweet and well-told story"
    • "I wish Disney could see this"
    • "It's refreshing to see a Christian movie with a gripping story"
    • "the whole thing flowed like a river from the first image to the end"
    • "Because of [Treasure Blind] I went and spent time with my son"

    Now the hard part: finding distribution. Keep praying, and we'll keep you posted.

  • Tulsa Beacon Article

    Treasure Blind, a film written, produced, directed and filmed entirely in Tulsa, will have its world premier here late in September.

    Writer/producer/actor Brian Shoop, a devout Christian, said releasing the film after two years of work is a dream come true.

    "This is meant to be something other than your typical Christian movie," said Shoop. "It's not like a Billy Graham film or even Facing the Giants or Flywheel."

    Cliff, the main character, is a simple taxi driver who is not an expert on the Bible or Christianity. His only exposure to the Gospel is through a 10-year-old blind boy who has trusted Christ. Together, they search for a treasure.

    Shoop's idea to produce a movie began when an associate pastor at Tulsa Bible Church rented a movie called Flywheel. He told Shoop that the movie had been produced by a church in Georgia. "He said that when I got done with a play I was working on, I should do a movie," Shoop said.

    It took about a year to write the script. The shooting and editing have taken a second year. "We are approaching the end and we will be releasing it next month," Shoop said.

    The budget was low, particularly by studio standards, but some investors saw enough worth in the project to give it the backing it needed. "We spent the money on the camera, editing equipment, lighting and sound," Shoop said.

    The movie has no actors than anyone would recognize. "My son, the dentist, plays a role," Shoop said with a smile. "I of course play the lead because I wrote it. The blind grandson is played by Daniel Brookshire, who attends Tulsa Bible Church. He's actually blind. He's a wonderful Christian fellow and a pretty good actor."

    Shoop held auditions and relied on friends who are actors and friends who have never acted. The movie has 52 speaking roles. "They were very kind to donate their time," Shoop said.

    Does a movie have to include sex and violence to be a success?

    "I think that is changing a little bit," Shoop said. "I think the market is a lot more friendly to wholesome themes, including overtly Christian movies because of recent successes.

    "The Passion of the Christ had some to do with that. The follow-up movie to Flywheel was Facing the Giants. It had a budget similar to ours and netted over $10 million.

    "Money talks and Hollywood is paying some attention. There's more of a market and opportunity for Christian movies than ever before."

    Shoops’ road to the movies began when he moved to Tulsa from Ohio. He was working in the construction business when he was asked to take part in some skits for a church retreat at New Life Ranch.

    "I really enjoyed that," Shoop said.

    He received an invitation to audition for a play at the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse. Much to his surprise, he got the leading role in Plaza Suite.

    "That really struck a chord with me. I started taking some classes and got noticed by an agent and was cast in the first commercial I auditioned for," Shoop said.

    Since then, he has been in hundreds of commercials, most recently the Nelson Mazda commercial in which he plays a worried dad. "I play a couch potato," Shoop said, smiling. "I'm not worried about my kid - I'm worried about my car."

    Shoop has learned a lot in 20 years as an actor.

    "The actor is a bottom feeder," he said. "He's at the bottom of the pecking order. You have no influence, virtually, over the production. That's what motivated me, among other things, to do something myself."

    Shoop played the Durham public relations director in the movie The Rookie, starring Dennis Quaid.

    "Ironically, it was a movie about the oldest rookie in Major League Baseball and I was a rookie in professional film at an older age," Shoop said.

    In pursuit of his acting career, he spent some time in California. What he discovered was puzzling.

    "What I found out was that the culture is so different there. You have to go through several layers to ever get to audition. All those layers are resistant to newcomers, especially older newcomers," Shoop said. "Your talent doesn't matter so much - it's your experience. All my experience was local.

    "I made some headway and got an agent. I made a lot of contacts. I studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with some really excellent actors. But I noticed that I kept coming home to work. When I came home, I could read for the directors I was trying to see there but couldn't get in to."

    He does not yet have a company to distribute the movie.

    "A distributor won't talk to you until you have a movie," Shoop said. "You have to get the movie 100 percent done and then you show it to a distributor and that's our plan."

    The movie's website is www.treasureblind.com.

    "I would hasten to give the credit to the Lord for this movie," Shoop said. "I am an average guy. I am not a mover or shaker. You can see the Lord's hand all the way through the process. I can take any credit. I look forward to see what He does with this."

    - August 16, 2007

    WE'RE SELECTING THE VENUE FOR OUR LONG-AWAITED PREMIER. We're meeting with theater owners, investigating projection equipment, and collecting bids. We're starting to prepare the invitations and looking at menus for the reception. It's all very exciting!

    Meanwhile, we're still trying to finish the movie! We're sweetening sound, adding sound effects, music tracks, and correcting color. The pace is gaining momentum and promises to approach frenetic before too long.

    Please keep praying for deadlines to be met, details to be handled, and the Lord to be exalted in everything.

    Watch here for breaking news.

  • Well, obviously we won't make the Spring release date, or even the revised June goal.

    Right now, we're hoping for August for the big premier. It's too long in it's present form, and we're going through the painful process of cutting footage we worked so hard to collect. I hate that.

    On the bright side, the results have been great, and personally, I think you're gonna like this movie. A rough cut has been sent to Seattle so that Jeff can begin work on the sound track.

    It should be one of the hippest ever independent movie sound tracks. Mark Tindle, champion dulcimer player, is already working on the Civil War music. Totally cool. Keep your ear to the ground for premier announcements. It shouldn't be long now.
    - June 12, 2007 at 9:32 AM

  • Completed principle photography for Treasure Blind with Civil War winter scenes shot near the actual Round Mountain battle site near Manford, Oklahoma. Reenactors from Oklahoma City, assembled and directed by Whit Edwards, made the flashback scene completely believeable.
    Nearly 50 scenes (of 158) are in the rough edit stage. Soon we'll be sending portions of the movie to Seattle so our sound track artists can get to work. Still hoping for June. Stay tuned.
    - February 26, 2007 at 11 AM

  • We had an interview and a short clip on Channel 8, October 11 at 9 AM.
    - October 11, 2006 at 9 AM

  • The circle cinema has offered to host the premier. No plans have been finalized yet.
    - TBA

  • Principle photography is nearly completed and editing is about to commence.
    - September 20, 2006

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